Montecasino Minute to Win It

Montecasino Minute to Win ItMinute to Win It at Montecasino is one of the most popular team building events around Sandton in Johannesburg. Teams cheer at their mates trying to complete simple tasks in one minute.  Our Minute to Win It Show include many new games that has never been seen on TV, and has a hilarious twist.

09h00 - Coffee and Pastries at Fego Caffé

Ice Breakers, and Funny Group Activities
Dividing Teams ±10pp/team. The entire group stand in a circle and everybody get a number. All the “number 1’s” would be in a team, and all the “number 2’s” in another team, etc. Allow about ten people per team

Escape Room Games
Escape Room is the new frenzy in Team Building. We are not allowed to lock the entire group in a three by four meter room, and instead the teams go on a Treasure Hunt to “break in” – utterly brilliant! Our  Escape Room consist of Maps, Riddles, Raffles, Puzzles, Invisible Ink, Newspapers, Books, Mirrors, Portraits, and many more  - 👓 ☼ 𝅙 ♤ ☩ ♡ ♬  🔦 🔎  ☏ ➾ 🏁